Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain


What We Do?

In this industry it is important to be a valuable carrier. Inero Software is bringing for you tools that improves supply chain management. For our clients we provide easy access to data. Thanks to that, your company will automate workflow. Solutions that we offer helps improving visibility and planning capabilities.



Improvement of Supply Chain Management

  • It’s a tool that optimizes the load space and costs of the transport of non-standard sized elements. DM8 helps improve the shipment of elements and reduce the delivery costs. If you want to adjust to global supply chain, we can help you.
  • Last Mile Delivery is the planning platform that optimizes and manages the transport of work teams that are distributed in different locations. With this solution you can improve daily operations. If you want to have an overview of your teams localisation and progress of the tasks, reach for our platform!
  • We also offer Gateway Authorization – it’s Android application that automatically facilitate communication between entry gate and warehouse.
  • If you want to automate planning you need artificial intelligence to make digital replica of supply chain process and optimize commodities transport in complex distribution networks. DeliverM8 offers advanced route planning for individual drivers.

visualisation of the system

With DeliverM8 route mapping will be well optimized!

API Integration give easy access to visibility data to all authorized parties. With that you can minimize and stramline manual work. Accompanied by visibility informations many processes can be automated. Thanks to integrated systems your customers and shippers will receive critical information. All important parties will be kept up-do-date.


With the Digital Maps Modules your company will be better at planning. Reducing waiting, dwell times or minimizing empty miles between trips will guarantee better profit per truck.




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