DeliverM8 – Advanced Routing

DeliverM8 – Advanced Routing



Automation of complex supply chain deliveries often  requires  effort in order  to plan optimal utilization of physical assets such as drivers, trucks and available warehouses. Automation of planning requires to use artificial intelligence in order to make digital replica (digital twin) of supply chain processes and optimize commodities transport in complex distribution networks. DeliverM8 advanced planning algorithms provides optimal output  fo complex redistribution network schemes by iterative increase of  quality of solution, where each inner cycle improves output result according to quality criteria.



  • Cross-company supply chain network management
  • Local & global warehousing functions for inter-day deliveries
  • Route planning for individual drivers 



Redistribution supply chain networks:

  • Maximize cargo flow between locations
  • Daily / Weekly/ Monthly cycles
  • Mixed transports between various branches of the company
  • Inter-route meeting points for cargo exchange




Driver Route Plan:

  • Adapted for vehicle type (car , truck etc.)
  • Traffic and ETA for every route
  • SMS / Email notifications about delivery and visit times


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