Monitor quality of electronic documents in one place

On-premise software that allows you to verify document quality before inserting it into a digital repository

The role of DocsQuality is to assess document attributes before they are imported into the accounting workflow. It evaluates real-time factors such as readability, clarity, and file quality. The software immediately highlights issues, for example, with email attachments, signaling that the system should not accept the document into the workflow at this stage. DocsQuality allows you to automatically verify the quality of all electronic documents in the entire organization

Designed for Business

DocsQuality can be successfully integrated with an existing ERP system, expanding the functionalities to include effective document quality monitoring and identifying problematic files before they are introduced into the accounting workflow. DocsQuality uses AI and ML methods trained on over 100 000 real business documents to detect unreadable content and obscuration such as bad lightning in scans, unreadable hand-written text, stains on paper, poor quality photo-scanned documents, and many others.