DeliverM8 – Gateway Authorization

DeliverM8 – Gateway Authorization



DM8 -Gateway Authorization is a consumer owned single use Android application that let’s automatically facilitate communication between entry gate and warehouse. DM8 automatically informs drivers abut warehouse gate availability and notifies supply chain managers about pick-up and deliveries events in real-time. 



  • Real-time monitoring of shipment
  • E-mail / SMS shipment confirmation
  • Real-time information about order & deliveries



Gateway service mobile application:

  • Authorize and notify truck entry / exit at the gateway
  • Uses RFID/NFC tags to authorize gateway service employees  
  • Multi-level data security (https, certificate assigned to the device)
  • Configured to be used as consumer owned single use device app



SMS Driver Notifications:

  • Real-time monitoring task completion
  • Built-in navigation integrated with DeliverM8 planning tools
  • Real-time traffic and ETA


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