DeliverM8 – Last Mile Delivery

DeliverM8 – Distribution Monitoring



DM8 – Last Mile Delivery is a supply chain planning platform that optimizes and manages the transport of work teams distributed in different locations. It let’s you to improve daily operations and have a overview of your teams localisation and progress of performed tasks such as meal deliveries, package distribution, visitation of various locations over distribution area etc.. 



  • Real-time monitoring of supply chain state
  • Truck drivers live tracking
  • Real-time traffic avoidance
  • On-demand re-routing & re-planning



Dispatcher console:

  • Role-dependent management of supply chain
  • Overview of assets and tasks
  • Current state of supply chain



  • Real-time monitoring of task completion
  • Built-in navigation integrated with DeliverM8 planning
  • Real-time traffic and ETA


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