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Advanced solutions in access and permission management, tailored to diverse IT infrastructures. We specialize in the integration of authorization systems using renowned cybersecurity standards.

Ensure your company's security with professional Keycloak solutions.

Keycloak – what is it and how can we help you?

Keycloak is an identity and access management tool that enables secure logins and access to applications and online services. It facilitates user authorization and authentication, allowing for easy management of roles, permissions, and access to different parts of the system. Keycloak is used by developers to integrate security in modern web and mobile applications.

Main features supported by Keycloak


Single Sign-On (SSO): allows a user to access multiple applications after logging in just once, using credentials such as username and password, as well as other methods. In the Keycloak system, this process is supported by the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol, which manages the exchange of identity information and user authentication data.

Single Logout: Logging out from one system as part of SSO automatically logs the user out of all associated systems. This makes user session management more efficient and secure.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): This feature provides an additional layer of security by using multiple methods of user identity verification at the same time, which significantly hinders unauthorized access. 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) is a popular form of MFA, often requiring the user to enter a password and confirm their identity with a second factor, such as a code from an authentication app.

Identity Providers (IdPs): It enables user authentication using various configured sources that support standard protocols such as OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. As a result, the Keycloak system is extremely flexible and can integrate with various identity management services, including Google and Facebook.

Session Management: Keycloak controls user session activity at the server level, allowing for monitoring and management of session lifetimes and their secure termination.

Integration with Identity Management Systems (IdM): Keycloak can be integrated with other IdM systems, such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or Active Directory, allowing for centralized management of user identities and permissions within an enterprise. Such integration enhances SSO capabilities and includes user federations, enabling even more consistent and efficient management of access to various systems and applications.


Advantages of Keycloak

User attributes

The ability to define and manage attributes that are assigned to a user account, such as roles, access rights, preferences, or customization settings.

Compliance management and auditing

The ability to track and report user activities and their compliance with internal security policies and external legal regulations.

Multi-factor authentication

(MFA) Security method requiring identity confirmation through two or more independent components, such as password, token, or biometric methods like Windows Hello.

Identity federation and
group management

Centralized access control, flexibility in user management, and streamlined login processes through Single Sign-On (SSO).

Easy scaling in Kubernetes

Automatic scaling of Keycloak in Kubernetes ensures high availability and flexibility by adjusting resources according to current loads.

Theme customization

The ability to customize themes to tailor Keycloak interfaces, achieving visual consistency with the entire corporate infrastructure.


Inero Software
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We create projects using, among other things, elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which respond to modern business and technological challenges.


Our team will implement Keycloak for you

Inero Software provides comprehensive Keycloak services, enhancing cloud security across platforms such as AWS and Azure AD Active Directory. Our experts deploy Keycloak solutions within Docker containers, ensuring efficient management and scalable deployments. We specialize in advanced solutions for access and permission management, compliant with the OAuth2 protocol for secure authentication across various platforms. Whether integrating with existing Identity Management Systems or configuring new Identity Providers, our team ensures a seamless setup and ongoing support.

We have many years of experience and a rich portfolio of completed projects for corporate clients in access and permission management. We create advanced solutions for managing users and their roles, tailored to various IT infrastructures. Our team consists of experienced programmers, allowing us to implement complex authorization schemes using renowned standards and tools, in accordance with corporate security policies. Our solutions are based on the Open Authorization protocol.

They recommend us

The previous experience of our cooperation allows us to recommend Inero Software sp. z o.o. as a reliable and professional technological partner in the field of developing dedicated software for internet solutions, cybersecurity, and mobile applications.

The collaboration with the partner was smooth, timely, and maintained appropriate standards. The company demonstrated a high level of commitment to the project and, thanks to a professional approach, we were able to jointly achieve the set business goals for the logistics solutions area implemented for Sygnity S.A. clients.

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