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Build Operate Transfer

Build Operate Transfer

Build Operate Transfer

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Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.” – Henry Ford


At Inero, we believe that the best projects arise from passion, curiosity, and collaboration. By combining experience and knowledge from various fields, we can better understand and respond to the challenges posed by the modern world of business and technology. One of the fundamental business processes that has proven effective in our company for years is the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT). It is a form of agreement where, together with a partner, we undertake to design, build, and manage a project operationally until its implementation.

How does Build Operate Transfer work in IT?

The BOT approach to project management is well-suited for companies looking to swiftly establish a new product or subsidiary beyond their current operational ambit. Our firm oversees tasks like the acquisition of equipment, recruits and trains personnel, and ensures regulatory adherence for the new entity. Once the contract concludes, you will gain full ownership.


The BOT model consists of three phases



To ensure the success of a project, it is essential to ground its concept in a robust foundation and a deep understanding of the particular industry’s nuances. At this stage, we will collaborate with you to create business assumptions, identify the target demographics, and formulate a strategy for product development. Following this, we will assemble a team of specialists and managers tasked with the project’s policy execution. We equip them with all the necessary tools, fostering a visionary approach, guided by the expertise of seasoned professionals.

our advantages: over 10 years of experience in providing solutions for the logistics industry



At this juncture, we focus on strategic team expansion as necessary, coupled with the deployment of well-defined processes to bolster both the technical prowess of the team and the project’s business acumen. We program, test, and develop the project to achieve the intended functionality, catch errors, and refine the solution. We regularly meet with the Partner to discuss the stages of the process and jointly plan the next steps.

our advantages: many years of experience in R&D activities and securing funding from European Union funds



The Transfer stage is the last stage of the Build-Operate-Transfer model where after a thorough review, the teams that have been working on your project are now being included in your company. This process is straightforward, as the employees, through their work on the project, have already become acquainted with you, your company, and its organizational culture.

our advantages: many implemented projects

Build Operate Transfer vs. outsourcing

The BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model stands as a distinct alternative to conventional outsourcing. In the standard outsourcing setup, the client company contracts another firm to manage specific tasks, such as overseeing IT infrastructure, potentially from a different geographical location. The responsibility for the quality and execution of the services lies primarily with the contracted firm, operating under the guidelines stipulated in a service-level agreement to define the collaborative framework. However, the contractor, may encounter difficulties related to limited industry knowledge or insufficient time for recruiting the appropriate specialists.

The BOT model strives to maintain a high quality of work during the whole process thanks to communication and cooperation based on partnership. Thanks to engagement throughout the entire project, from conception to realization, you preserve the continuity of tasks into the final stage of the process. Furthermore, with the team that has joined your company, you can continually develop and refine your idea without the need to engage expensive subcontractors.

Why us for the BOT model?

Years of experience amassed in the Polish and international markets have allowed us to build a solid base of steadfast partners. The number of projects realized and implemented continues to grow. We operate in areas of Machine Learning, cyber security, supply chain management, and GeoSpatial solutions.

Below you can find examples of our solutions.


UK Tuck Check

This tool allows the implementation of a coherent vehicle control system, compliant with the requirements of the Border Force. It is dedicated to transport companies that deliver goods to the United Kingdom and want to avoid high financial penalties. You can read more about it here [REPORT 2023] Increase in fines for transporting illegal immigrants. Problems for haulers carrying out transport orders for England (UK).

This tool was created from the initiative and cooperation of one of our long-term business partners, who noticed a space for innovation in the transport industry. UK Truck Check is already implemented and gaining new users.







The role of DocsQuality is to assess document attributes before they are imported into the accounting workflow. It evaluates real-time factors such as readability, clarity, and file quality. The software immediately highlights issues, for example, with email attachments, signaling that the system should not accept the document into the workflow at this stage. DocsQuality allows you to automatically verify the quality of all electronic documents in the entire organization. It can be successfully integrated with an existing ERP system.

Gorący Posiłek 

The ‘Gorący Posiłek” application assists foundations and social support units in settling, implementing, and monitoring the process of hot meal deliveries. Administrative decisions or delivery plans along with types of diets are managed through the application. Coordinators can manage meal deliveries according to days of the week, month, or with a limit. Thanks to the mobile application, suppliers can see a list of deliveries to be fulfilled each day. The application is equipped with a QR code recognition system, which allows suppliers to confirm the receipt of a meal at a given place on a given day using a phone. The application monitors and reports the deliveries of all meals planned by the coordinator. The system logs deliveries, delays, and confirmed absences. All data are accessible from within the system and can be exported to external systems or PDF/XLS files.

We will turn your idea into a modern solution

If you have an idea that you want to bring to fruition but lack a solid partner to help realize it, we invite you to contact us to discuss it. Our specialists will help you choose the appropriate development path and advise you at every stage of the project.



Andrzej Chybicki

Andrzej Chybicki, PhD Eng.

CEO, Inero Software Sp. z o. o.