Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise



Cyber Security

  • IAM (Identyfication & Access Management) Solutions
  • SSO (Single Sign-on) integrations and SSO development
  • FIDO (passwordless login)
  • 2FA / MFA (2 – and multi factor authorization)

#Technologies: Azure B2C, OAuth2, Open ID Connect, Identity Server, Active Directory, KeyCloak.

overview how iam works

#Prime objectives: Single sign-on, user & roles integrations, user federation,  secure access, MFA.

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Supply Chain Management

  • Digital Maps modules and TMS – web applications
  • API integrations (telematics, freight exchange systems)
  • Spatial and transport systems integrations  (Here Maps, Routing, Navigation, Google Maps and others)
  • Mobile apps for drivers and gateway avization
  • Reporting, analytics and documentation

#Technologies: Java Spring, .NET Core, Angular, BootStrap, Here Maps, Google Maps, HTML/CSS, REST API.

wisualisation of deliverm8 system

#Prime objectives: Freights optimization & management, last mile delivery,  route optimization, 3rd party logistics management systems, online freight exchange integrations, reporting & analytics.

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GeoSpatial Solutions

  • GeoPortal and Inspire Spatial Data Integrations
  • Building custom solutions based on Open Street Map / Google Maps / Bing Maps / Here Maps and others
  • GeoProcessing & GeoAnalytics
  • Dedicated Web GIS

#Technologies:  Java, Python, GDAL, PostgGIS SQL, Open Street Map, Google Maps, Here Maps, Angular, Open Layers.

Usage of system

#Prime objectives: Spatial data extraction, spatial data validation, spatial processing, geoanalysis, geopatterns.

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Machine Learning

  • Artificial Neural Networks – regression and predictive analytics
  • Convolutional Neural Networks – detection and classification of object on images and video streams
  • Decision Trees (DT) for highly complicated and non-linear problems
  • Three largest libraries for Python language – tensorflow, keras, scikit-learn
  • NLP – Natural Language Processing for chatbot

#Technologies:  JavaScript, Python (Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-learn).

#Prime objectives: Regression and predictive analytics, data validation, chatbot, dialog flow.