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What is GeoSpatial?

GeoSpatial is any data related to a geographic location. This technology collects and analyses geospatial data. Data can describe objects, events or other features with a location on the surface of earth. GeoSpatial data typically combines location information (Earth coordinates) and attribute information (characteristics of a given feature) with temporal information (the period of time a given location exists).

We provide software for comprehensive geospatial data processing. We build advanced systems for the analysis of data. For our clients we create applications that serve as an interface. Inero Software implement solutions combining city topography with artificial intelligence.

GeoSpatial analytics is used to build data visualization. It contains maps, charts, statistics or choropleth maps that show historical changes and any shifts. This way you can get a more complete picture of the events. Convert a huge spreadsheet into easy-to-recognize visual patterns. This way you will create faster and more accurate forecasts.

digital planetCustom Maps and Monitoring

We offer land cover and land-use generation through detailed mapping. This process starts with collecting GeoSpoatial data. We provide GIS monitoring and services all over the world.

Inero Software team uses technologies like: Java, Python, GDAL, PostgGIS SQL, Open Street Map, Google Maps, Here Maps, Angular, Open Layers.


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Inero Software will help you in the implementation of the GIS system. We have the ability to transform spatial data into knowledge or generate our own maps based on Open Street Map / Google Maps / Bing Maps / Here Maps / and others.

Our prime objectives in providing services like this is: spatial data extraction, spatial data validation, spatial processing, geoanalysis, geopatterns.


Andrzej Chybicki
CEO, co-founder
Inero Software
My professional life has been related to geoinformatics since the beginning of my career. Since 2006 I have been dealing with GIS systems. In 2012 I defended my doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommuniactions, and Informatics in the specialization of Geoinformatic Systems in the field of Technical and Applied Informatics. I have many years of experience in IT. In the beginning, I was a teacher and scientist. Later I became a software developer and consultant. Currently, I am an entrepreneur - co-founder of Inero Software. My passion is innovating, where technology and creativity helps unleash the potential of entrepreneurs. I value professional relationships based on long-term and partnership cooperation. Privately, I am a husband, father of two children, a hobbyist of motorcycle tourism, volleyball and basketball.
"While working with clients, I focus on transparent communication and a good understanding of my clients needs and business, so as to make the best use of the opportunities offered by modern IT technologies."



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How Advanced Routing and Optimization Can Support an Emergency Response Actions – use case study

The use case described in this article is a system supporting local fire brigade teams in real-time navigation and communication during actions which is archived by providing team members with the current traffic, roadblock and general current situational awareness regarding the route availability and supporting real-time decisions in the scope of route selection.



Redistribution Supply Chain Network

One of our teams field of specialization is the use of artificial intelligence for modeling and optimizing complex transport models. From the practical point of view, the optimal planning of transport resources and supervision of their implementation is one of the key tasks in the area of ​​supply chain management.