Digital identity in the era of remote work and pandemic

IAM is a tool that provides effective management of access to information resources. With this solution you can handle the requests of newly hired employees. The identity and access management system also helps in administering users who have parted ways or changed their status with company. With IAM changing or expiring their permissions is much easier.

Digitalization of social care services – case study

In recent years, there has been a significant development of services and products from the MedTech industry. It has its application in care services for the elderly or disabled. The digitization of services allows for a better use of resources (funds, care, medicines) and people (shortening the travel time, fewer documents).

Why Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery is crucial for delivering high quality software products.

Why CI/CD is crucial for delivering high quality enterprise cloud software?  Introduction When cooperating with remote software dev teams efficient exchange of concepts, locally created solutions, external libraries and algorithms that are created concurrently is of high importance. All pieces that create solution need to be carefully combined in order to become reliable digital product. To achieve high efficiency in this process and benefit from collaborative work, software developers use tools of code versioning and integration, which allow for simultaneous work of many persons…

10 Things You Should Know when Working with Remote Dev Teams

Hiring remote dev teams and using their expertise is a very common practice in many industrial areas including IT, fintech, insurance, logistics and others. Remote dev teams can provide valuable expertise and know-how for significant contribution to overall quality of a new concept and products invented elsewhere, maintaining fair prices…