Digital identity in the era of remote work and pandemic

IAM is a tool that provides effective management of access to information resources. With this solution you can handle the requests of newly hired employees. The identity and access management system also helps in administering users who have parted ways or changed their status with company. With IAM changing or expiring their permissions is much easier.

Digitalization of social care services – case study

In recent years, there has been a significant development of services and products from the MedTech industry. It has its application in care services for the elderly or disabled. The digitization of services allows for a better use of resources (funds, care, medicines) and people (shortening the travel time, fewer documents).

Android Kiosk Mode – how to turn an Android device into a single-use device

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Digital Cloud Document Repositories – how to identify signatures in scanned PDF documents

  Computer vision and object detection are increasingly used in the automation of business processes. Along with the dynamic development of technology, especially artificial intelligence, there are many new innovative business applications for this type of algorithms. In one of our recent posts, we outlined how to build a custom…